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I am new and have come into this with a fresh eye. The Flycam Virtual Tour is an amazing tool to use with your clients. The quality of these mini/movies/tours are unbelievable!! No need to have your client "imagine" their new home...when they can "experience" it just as if they had walked through it in person! I think it would be fantastic to have a complete library of ALL our floor plans on the website. I feel confident we could have written an agreement TODAY if we would have had a Flycam Virtual Tour of the perfect floor plan we found for our client."

-Michelle Phan

"This is absolutely

Here are some thoughts from the
new hire perspective:

This may have saved me the $100 I spent in gas this week trying to make my first sale.

This would have given me an answer to the realtor who spoke to me rudely this week and told me
that “your competition is showing finished product”, so therefore I drove from
my home in Denton to Garland on my day off to try and show a finished product.
And…..Yes, I offered the Mylar. Maybe as I get better, I can bring it to
life more.

This will help me
now to learn the plans in my new community, because I have 7-10 new plans to
learn before this weekend.

Thanks Brandi for bringing this
to our attention. Much appreciated."

-LaRessa Cox

"The Flycam Virtual Tours is AWESOME!!! I have been working with a client out of state through an e-lead. I have been sending her information on my community, city and amenities around the area. BUT, not until I attached the flycam of my model did she reply, 'After seeing the video of your model, you are on top of my list'. By having this tool, it will allow us to work with customer's out of the area and also make it more convenient to the sales force, by not driving to all of the other communities showing clients different floor plans, if they are not comfortable with the mylars.

The Flycam will giving us another leading edge against our competition!!!"

-Phil Pappadopoulos

"Valente said it best, FlyCam is such an innovative and effective tool. I can't imagine marketing dollars being utilized in any better way. Using this technology consistently would put us even higher above the competition. Imagine how appreciative our customers would be if we saved them the time, effort and expense of traveling all over the metroplex to see a particular floor plan. I am right behind Kim with a customer wanting to build the Hartford after viewing the Flycam Virtual Tour. Having one available for every floor plan would be incredible! I bet our appointment books would be FULL with customers waiting to come into our models for their special viewing in our (air conditioned) media room!

Also, it would be so convenient for all of the relo customers we have. If they don't have time to drive across town to tour the home they want, they can view the virtual tour while waiting to board their plane. So many possibilities with Flycam Virtual Tours!"

Incredible! Flycam Virtual Tours is doing an amazing job shooting all of
these plans that we need to show but haven't been able to. A HUGE thank you to Kevin Rowe, Valente Martinez and the families letting us film."

- Cara Armstrong

"Man, I wish I would have known this yesterday! Might have saved me a
trip to Frisco on my day off! Well, it will help from here forward!
Thanks Brandi!"

-Mary M. Greer

"OMG! Was this Flycam the best !

I viewed this with two of my clients over the weekend. One of which is Writing with me tonight, to take me to my first sale.The second client was back to show her husband on Sunday and might write before the end of the week as well. It was so easy to walk the entire family through the home! I believe it aids in the process giving them affirmation and getting through the critical path sooner.

Thanks Valente and Brandi for the INFO!


-Kimberly Martinez

"Phil showed me how to use this wonderfully professional sales tool and I am certain that it now allows me to be able to not lose that percentage of customers that we lose because we do not have anything available other that our words, attitude and brochure to take them to the next step of the critical path. It may be the only thing if have seen that actually has a chance to take the place of a model or show case home.

Yeah Flycam Virtual Tours!!

I would love to see a prepared demonstration & presentation of the use of the fly cam sales tool in the training room on the tenth floor followed my training and script much like the success of the energy board. I believe that our percentage of sales would go up and the percentage of misses would go down. I am just saying!"

-Eddie France

'I think that the flycam has been a real help with plans that customers want to see that aren’t available in your community. I know it has saved my customers a trip to Frisco on several occasions. It is a good tool for potential customers as well, because you can email them after your first meeting to help get the second appointment. It looks more professional than sending them photos and helps them visualize the floor plan as well."

-Tim McHale